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Another happy moment

Adam Ferrara @adamferrara replied to you:

adamferrara Adam Ferrara @Happy2BScoysGal @rutledgewood @tannerfoust DVR Breaking Bad : D Jul 22, 1:03 AM via Twitter for iPhone In reply to… Happy2BScoysGal Çα∩Ðα¢ε @adamferrara @RutledgeWood @TannerFoust thank God for DVR but dvr doesn’t count towards your ratings. Just seems like a bad programming note Jul 22, 12:44 AM via Twitter for Android

Candace Ray

@Happy2BScoysGalCandace Ray

@adamferrara @RutledgeWood @TannerFoust WHY would History Channel put you guys in the same time slot opposite #1 drama AMC’s Breaking Bad???