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A friend of mine, Paula Salazar, took this on the Texas coast this past weekend.  Isn’t he stunning.

A friend of mine, Paula Salazar, took this on the Texas coast this past weekend. Isn’t he stunning.




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Like the Night by Trini Quinn




I don’t think I’m ever gonna get to 30,000 followers, so this is a ‘nearly’ giveaway (you never know maybe by the time it’s over I’ll get there).


1-The official BBC Sherlock soft touch note book and three Sherlock quote pencils.

2-The complete Granada Sherlock Holmes with the awesome Jeremy Brett.

3-The official BBC ‘Higher Functioning Sociopath’ mug.

4-Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law’s Sherlock Holmes DVDs.

5-The Holmes Sutra book. Not what you’re thinking. The Holmes Sutra is presented (by a crazed fan) as: (a) a compilation of one hundred and sixty mantras (aphorisms/slogans/sayings - call them what you will) - some original, some canonical, some based on various print/media adaptations - aimed to make Sherlock Holmes (and his fans) smile, and (b) a test of the readers’ Holmes Mania Quotient (HMQ)- based on the resulting HMQ score, the particular condition/stage of Holmes Mania would be determined, with possibilities of a cure.’

6-The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes DVD.

7-My edits as nine magnets and 2 prints of fan art (not mine).

All DVDs are region 2 and used (I’m not that rich).


There will be three winners. Winners will be chosen by random number generator.

Winner one can pick 3 numbers, winner two and three can pick 2 numbers.

You must be following me and have an open ask. NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS I will check.

Winners will be notified when the giveaway ends on 21st Oct. If you don’t reply in 48 hours another winner will be picked.

I will ship internationally but I won’t pay insurance or customs fees.

Reblogs and likes count.


"You don’t have many followers"

Jesus only had 12


I don’t even know why tumblr is so addicting like all you do is look at pictures and click a button   


Mads Mikkelsen + Guns in The Salvation trailer

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if you are walking a dog and you see me checking you out

  • i am not checking you out
  • i am looking at your dog
  • not you
  • dog